Well Hello 2016!

It’s good to be back. The end of ’15 was full of moments of procrastination for me if I’m honest and I do admit to a bit of a “blog-cation” or “online hiatus”, whatever you wana call it. But a new year means a new surge of passion for documenting my online island life. So […]

Hana Road Trippin’

Hana is every locals chance to get away for a few days if we can’t fly off island. To escape the “hustle and bustle” of every day Maui life. Ok, so we live on an Hawaiian island, the “hustle and bustle” is minimal and you’re probably thinking “you want to escape? Ermm isn’t Maui paradise?” […]

Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude. This is what today was all about. Have you ever just taken the time┬áto┬ástop & appreciate that exact moment & everything about it? I find it one of the most powerful and profound things. Practicing gratitude can open so many doors, allow yourself so much love & happiness & can biologically change the rhythm […]