Hana Road Trippin’

Hana is every locals chance to get away for a few days if we can’t fly off island. To escape the “hustle and bustle” of every day Maui life. Ok, so we live on an Hawaiian island, the “hustle and bustle” is minimal and you’re probably thinking “you want to escape? Ermm isn’t Maui paradise?” […]

Hana Love

So we managed to escape the daily grind by cruising to Hana last week. On the East side of the island, it’s like stepping back in time; very few people, just one long winding road & glorious un-touched terrain.  It was a quick visit but we had so.much.fun. I can’t wait to share our adventures […]

Sunset Sessions

  Being grateful for the day that has passed & enjoying watching the sun shine it’s last few glorious beams of daylight with the ones we love- That’s what our sunset sessions are all about on Maui. I think it makes it even more special as we get to watch the sun set over the […]

Jacaranda Dreamin’

Have you ever seen such a beautiful tree? The Jacaranda tree is Maui’s “upcountry” gem and can be found blooming in all its glory along Upper Kula Highway and into Ulupalukua from April to May. So most definitely worth a day trip upcountry if you’re fortunate to be here during the season. These majestic beauties are […]