Well Hello 2016!

It’s good to be back. The end of ’15 was full of moments of procrastination for me if I’m honest and I do admit to a bit of a “blog-cation” or “online hiatus”, whatever you wana call it. But a new year means a new surge of passion for documenting my online island life. So I’m back with vengeance and Aloha!

It’s been a pretty sweet start to 2016. The island is a bustle of hustling tourists soaking up some winter sun and demanding massages, which is great for me. The nights and early mornings are a few degrees cooler (thank you god) and there’s just a generally sense of excitement and motivation in the freshly-applied-coconut-scented-sunscreen air. I’m just trying to decide if my new RayBan’s actually suit me or I look like Elton John and Audrey Hepburn’s love child…

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