Life’s Better At The Beach

It’s so true, life is better at the beach! One of the things I love most about living on Maui and living on the south side of the island is how close we are to the beach. And what a huge selection we have; from glorious 2 mile stretches of white sands and turquoise ocean to tiny coves with an abundance of shells and rocks. Here’s some of my faves in Kihei/Wailea:



The all time, classically beautiful Maui-to-a-T-beach. Keawakapu Beach in Kihei. The waters are always blue, the sand always soft & you’re always guarenteed a spot far away from the other beach goers. I love to park at the 2nd entrance and walk right half a mile or so where NO ONE ELSE sits (insider info) Then its great to sit back from the ocean near the foliage; soak up the sun, people watch  & run into the ocean when your cheeks are turning rosy.



A little slice o’ Vitamin Sea heaven. This beach is our special beach cos it’s where we said our “I Do’s” back in ’12. Now it has changed some what since then; they’re currently building a large home right on the beach (!) so the middle section has been disrupted and construction work is a plenty, so be sure to go either far left or far right and you can escape the monstrosity and relax in paradise. ahhh… P.S don’t worry the black object in the ocean above isn’t a shark.. its my water baby step daughter trying to scare me from under the wavesIMG_6380 2


Last but by no means least is the beach by Koa Lagoon resort in North Kihei. Now this little baby beach is a hidden gem and if you’re looking for some serious self-reflection, me-time overload then this is the place for you. This is my go to beach, mainly because it’s 2 minutes from my house but also because hardly anyone’s ever there. The beach is an array of colorful shells, coral and rocks… which funnily enough are often heart shape (!?) The ocean is often a beautiful light green/blue and there’s always a much needed breeze. I love it! Yay for Maui beaches and special heart to hearts with yourself.

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