Pecan, Date + Cacao Truffles, Oh My!

There’s nothing much better than homemade truffles. Especially when they’re good for you! As we all know I’m constantly on a guilt free sweet-tooth-fix mission & these were something i was very smug about. All the flavour of a rich fudgy chocolatey treat but without all the crap, refined sugar and liver inflaming toxins.


A small hand full of pecans are a powerful addition to a persons daily diet. A great source of energy, they decrease ‘bad cholesterol’ in the body and increase the ‘good cholesterol’ . Packed full of protein , Vitamin- A and unsaturated fats. This nut is a good’un!

Medjool Dates:

Also known as the Date Palm these little nuggets of sweetness contain a huge amount of dietary potassium (which helps you go ‘ya know ;)). High in natural sugars  these are a fabulous low glycemic alternative to cane sugar in cooking. They’re also jam packed with manganese, magnesium and zinc.


Yes, chocolate is good for you! At its rawest form Cacao has an abundance of antioxidants, magnesium & iron. Separated from the oily cacao butter, cacao powder is also a concentrated form of healthy dietary fiber. Who’da thunk it hey? Everything in moderation though pals.

So now you got da facts, let me share the god-damn easiest recipe on earth!




Pecan, Date + Cacao Raw Truffles

(Makes 12 medium sized truffles)


1 cup of raw, organic pecans

15 organic medjool dates

1/2 cup of organic cacao powder

2 tbs of organic vanilla bean extract OR 2 tbs of unrefined, organic coconut oil (if mixture is too dry, the vanilla flavor adds some umpf!)


1) Using a food processor or magic bullet blitz up the pecans to make a meal/ powder

2) Chop the dates and blitz in the food processor with the pecan meal. Adding 1 tbs of vanilla bean/coconut oil extract at a time, depending on how the mixture becomes.

3) Scooping the mixture out with your hands, make small truffle sized balls

4) Place the cacao powder in a bowl and simply roll the truffles in the cacao powder and put on a plate and into the fridge.

These little balls of goodness can be stored in the fridge until eaten, if they last that long.

And I must say theres no end to creativity when coating these truffles; try rolling these little beauties in anything you desire! I’ve used desiccated coconut before, but how about grounded up pistachio? yum! You could even be really adventurous and melt some dark chocolate and dip the truffles in, refrigerate them and you’ve got self some full on candy coated cacao truffles! Oh my indeed….


With love, light and a whole lotta aloha

A x


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