Crazy for Coconut Date Rolls


It’s a hot spring day, the temps pushing 78 degrees and I need something sweet. This is often the case for me. I’ve always had a sweet tooth ever since I can remember being a wee little girl cuddled up on the sofa eating ginger snaps with my Dad; the only cure for the cold, wet British weather blues. It’s different these days with my surroundings and being far more aware of what refined sugar does to my body. So instead of scoffing ginger snaps or any other fine english biscuit I make divine coconut medjool date rolls!

These are so easy to make, are refined sugar-free & totally satisfying to the sweetest of sugar cravings.




Coconut Date Rolls

Makes around 15 mini rolls


1 cup of organic unsweetened coconut flakes

18 organic medal dates


  1. Shred the coconut flakes, I used my Nutri-bullet to blitz it up in a couple of seconds to an almost fine powder. Place to the side in a medium sized bowl
  2. Cut the dates in half, de-pit and blend in a Nutri-bullet, the consistencity should be creamy with no lumps of date flesh
  3. Start rolling those rolls! Half inch sized rolls work well but you can make any size or shape your heart desires
  4. Place the rolls in the shredded coconut and refrigerate. These little babies taste great straight from the fridge but can be left out in a cool, dry place too. EnJOY


IMG_6649 IMG_6650

                     But act quickly these little beauties go fast!!

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