Guilt-free Flourless Muffins!

Oh wow. Really, wowzers. These are amazing and kinda guilt-free as there’s no flour and refined sugar. So that means you HAVE to make these and eat them ALL. With the recipe being ridiculously easy and quick, it made our Sunday afternoon fabulous. My husband is on a carb free/high protein diet for boxing training so he was my inspiration along with my cravings/long term addiction for anything sweet.


So thanks to the lovely i found this incredible recipe. I did adapt it slightly; i only have normal sized muffin trays so i used them and i used organic sugar-free coconut flakes in the batter. Remember as there’s no flour in this recipe and the ingredients are dense, your muffins won’t rise like a normal muffin– so load up the muffin trays as much as you can before you bake. I also used my Nutri Bullet to wiz up the ingredients, which did a blooming good job! What I love about this recipe is that there’s so much versatility- You can add whatever you want!

Here’s the recipe from Happy Healthy Mama


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